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5.2017 "Staff is wonderful and understanding. I found information very helpful."


5.2017 "How nuturing and respectful they were towards me."


5.2017 "I always feel welcome." (repeat client)


5.2017 "They make you feel comfortable and not pressured."


4.2017 "Happy and positive faces. Nice smiles. Very helpful!"


4.2017 "I was treated very kind and with care."


4.2017 "I really felt very comfortable and I am glad I came here."


4.2017 "I was able to express how I feel and be heard."


1.2016 "It is nice, people are nice, it's small. Thank you for helping. :)" - Melanie C.


1.2016 "Great staff, super friendly, would recommend to anyone that might be expecting." - Brianna L.


12.2015 "The staff treated me with excellent care. They were very sweet and understanding. This is definitely a judgement-free zone and I recommend anyone that needs help with their pregnancy to come to this clinic." - Jessica M.


12.2015 "Very nice, clean environment, nice professional staff." - Emily W.


09.2015 "Being a teenage pregnancy I had no idea where to start. A friend referred me to The Community Pregnancy Center of Pasadena which I am glad she did! I was nervous at first but the friendly staff helped me feel comfortable. The staff is very helpful and informative and also they'll call you in advance to remind you that you have an appointment soon (if you have an ultrasound). I was given tons of information and help. I highly recommend CPC of Pasadena to women of any age!" - Celestina A.


08.2015 "I've come the The Community Pregnancy Center for two of my pregnancies and it's a very welcoming and understanding place where you feel no judgment for your choices or decisions. I would definitely recommend to family members and friends." - Monica V.


07.2015 "The counselor that did my pregnancy test was amazing! Everyone is so sweet and caring. I would definitely refer people here." Lacey W.


07.2015 "I loved my overall experience here! I felt comfortable asking questions with everyone and everyone was so lovely!" - Monica G.


01.08.2015 “Very helpful and I thank you for the help that you have given me.” - Jessica B.    


12.11.2014 “I feel comfortable and welcomed here. Everything has been great over all. Everyone is very friendly and polite. I would definitely recommend friends, family, or anybody I can think of to this center.” - Celia M.


12.11.2014 “Everyone is always so nice and helpful and have a lot of educational advice.” - Kimberly M.  


12.04.2014 “CPC of Pasadena is very comfortable staff with a warm atmosphere. They answer any questions and concerns without hesitation or judgment.” - Melissa G.


11.25.2014 “I am so thankful for this place. My counselor helped me so much in my time of need. To have someone who just listened to me and did not judge me was amazing. I would tell anyone who has found out they were pregnant to come here.” - Nicole V.


11.06.2014 “I had a really good experience. They treat me really nice, because they actually listened and talked to me.” - Nayelly J.


10.15.2014 “Best place ever and also such a great help!” - Emely V.  


09.25.2014 “The staff was very kind and empathetic. I received info on drs. to look up. The counselor was very open, kind, and receptive. Yes, I would recommend this place. Has a very welcoming environment.”  - Tiffany B.  


09.22.2014 “The staff is very friendly and helpful. On my first visit, I received a package with helpful booklet and pamphlets. [A] coupon for free diapers when my baby is born. I felt comfortable here [at] CPC. The counselor was very encouraging. I would recommend CPC, because of the nice staff. There is no wait.” - Ruby R.


09.18.2014 “The staff treated me great! Very nice, caring people. I would recommend anyone who feels they are pregnant to come here.” - Diana H.    


8.13.2014  “Very nice and understanding.” - Brittany W.


8.13.2014 “I love how welcomed I feel as I walk inside. Everyone is really nice to me and I do not feel uncomfortable talking about my personal life and beliefs. I would recommend this place to everyone, especially girls who feel troubled with their life. There is help.” - Lily. A


“I adore how nice and accepting the staff is. Very informative and helpful.” - Amanda C.


“I have been helped and informed by things I didn’t have any knowledge. Very friendly staff.” - Elizabeth D.


7.10.2014 “Really recommend this place to everyone; great staff; everything is confidential” - Cecilia G.  


“Very nice and friendly staff! Loved it here!" - Ruby E.  


“Made me feel very comfy, like everything will be ok." - Estefany B.


“Great info and great advice and assistance!” - Brenda G.


6.12.2014 “I would recommend the pregnancy center because the staff makes you feel comfortable and not pressured into anything and they are really nice.” - Christine C.  

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