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If you're pregnant, you have a lot to think about. Our experienced, caring staff can help you think about your options. Our client advocates can answer your questions with the helpful knowledge you need to make an informed choice. Make an appointment with us so that you can plan for your future!

Don't forget that all of our services are FREE and confidential! Our services are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

From peer counseling to lots of accurate information about all of your options, our center is a great place to go.

 •  Deciding to be a parent

 •  Adoption

 •  Abortion

 •  Educational classes available

During a situation as important as pregnancy, no one should pressure you to make a decision. If you want to be a parent, you can get the support, parenting classes, and other resources we provide. You may find that after you learn about the reality of adoption that it's the best choice for you. You'll have plenty of say over what happens and how.


Finally, if you're thinking about abortion, talk to us before you make a final decision. Our team has a wealth of information for you. It's not a simple surgical procedure, as it has many long-term psychological and emotional effects. Please note that our services are educational. Our center does not offer abortion services or abortion referrals.

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