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Pregnancy is not just a "girl" problem, of course. If she might be pregnant, it's important to not only be supportive, but to also be honest about your own feelings and the pressure you're going through. Read the following tips for helpful advice you can use.

Don't run – it'll just become harder to think clearly. Don't pressure her, or you'll push her away. Work as a team! Finally, don't forget that you have an important role to play! Listen and give your thoughts too.

Don't worry. All of our services are FREE and confidential! Expectant dads are welcome to all appointments.

 •  Listening

 •  Staying calm

 •  Talking

 •  Being honest

 •  Learning

By listening and staying calm, you can show your support. Gather all the facts you can and talk to those who have been through pregnancies before. Make sure to express yourself honestly so she knows she's not alone. It's normal to have a wide range of feelings. Talk about them, and not just with each other. Talk to your friends, parents, and others who are close to the situation. It's a great way to relieve stress.

Here's some quick advice for guys to use

What you shouldn't do

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Make the right moves to make things better for both of you

A Group counseling.

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What can you do

if she's pregnant?

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