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"Becoming Irresistible" is for young women who want to know the answers to questions like "Who is having the best sex?" or "What is sexuality?" If you want a more rewarding, committed relationship, join our class!

Unfortunately, Harris County and the Houston area lead the state in STD rates and repeat teen pregnancy rates. Also, one in four young women between the ages of 14 and 19 in the U.S. is infected with at least one common STD. That's over 3.2 million teenage girls!

Our instructors are all certified through Wait Training. Our classes are FREE!

You'll learn how to deal with conflict (without getting in trouble), how to set boundaries others will respect, the differences between men and women, and what redemption and new beginnings really mean.

Our class is intended to reduce birth rates out of wedlock, STDs, drug and alcohol use, and prevent abortions. We also want to reduce the number of partners young women in the area have while delaying the age of sexual onset. We're hoping to help teens commit to abstinence, even if they were previously sexually active!


Teen years are very important, particularly when it comes to developing solid relationships. Greater freedom also means greater opportunities for life-impacting mistakes. By preventing risky behaviors that include drug / alcohol use and early sexual activity, we hope to educate and inspire young people to protect their bodies, minds, spirits, and hearts.


"Becoming Irresistible" is fun, interactive, age appropriate, culturally sensitive, and based on research. Character, relationship, and marriage preparation education are included. We'll also use social sciences to discuss what makes marriages succeed or fail, how to start over, and more.

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