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It's always smart to research any big decision before making it. When you're pregnant, you have very important choices to make. Even if you choose abortion, you should be aware of all the information before committing, just as with any medical procedure.

Women have been misled about abortion pill use.  Some clinics offer this abortion beyond FDA approved timeline. The FDA states it should be used before 49 days of pregnancy and not vaginally. Mifepristone should be used approximately four to seven weeks after your period.

These basic abortion facts are just part of the full picture. Come in and talk to us to learn more! Our help is FREE!

Educate yourself

about abortion

 •  Confirm you're pregnant

 •  Weigh all the options

 •  Attend your pre-abortion counseling

 •  Go through a health / safety checklist

Manual vacuum aspiration is performed about seven weeks after your last menstrual period. Suction curettage takes place about six to 14 weeks after, and dilation and evacuation is performed legally in the state of Texas 13 to 20 weeks after.


We welcome open discussions about all options. The "morning-after pill", or Plan B One-Step TM, can prevent pregnancy after contraceptive failure, unprotected sex, or forced intercourse. The FDA-approved emergency contraceptive ella is an alternative as long as pregnancy from a previous sexual encounter can be ruled out. Please call or text us today to discuss all your options. You don't have to do it alone. We are here to help.  A client advocate is waiting to talk  with you.

Research abortion before making a decision

Be aware of abortion pill misuse

What should you do now?

Information on basic abortion methods and alternatives

Qualifications for an ultrasound will be explained at your peer-counseling session.

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